3 needle bind off

Learn how to seamlessly finish your knitting projects with the 3 needle bind off technique. Explore step-by-step instructions and expert tips to achieve professional-looking results.
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1Hold the two pieces of knitting which are to be joined together in your left hand. The pattern will tell you whether to hold them WS (wrong sides) together, which will create a seam on the outside of the worl or RS (right sides) together which will create a seam on the inside of the work. The seam is quite neat and decorative so it can look nice on the outside, but if the cast-off is worked RS together, the join will be nearly invisible. Take a third needle of the same size in your right…

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Are you currently finishing a project but you don’t know what to do with the last stitch? Or have you bound off successfully but your edge doesn’t exactly look neat? In this tutorial, blogger Norman from Nimble Needles will show you a very easy way to bind off the last stitch and fix those little ears at the same time. This step by step tutorial shows 3 alternative methods to neaten the last stitch of a bind off when knitting flat projects. #knitting #knit #knittingtips #knittingtutorial

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Would you like to make a shoulder seam (or any other horizontal seam) in a few simple steps without a wool needle? Me too. That’s why I’ve got quite excited when I found this little technique in an extraordinary book “Unexpected Knitting” by Debbie New. She calls it “3-needle bind off on two needles” – […]

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