Agent of change

Discover how you can be an agent of change and make a positive impact in your community and beyond. Join the movement and become a catalyst for transformation.
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In a workplace infused with top down, hierarchical, departmental silos, change management is the new requirement for leadership success. With a market comprised of fickle consumers and workplaces brimming with employee identity crises, leadership success requires more patience, poise, and time-to-think – and the ability to seamlessly connect the dots of opportunity. The marketplace requirements to compete are evolving so quickly that leadership is struggling to stay ahead of the course…

Didem Duman
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Are you the ‘best version’ of yourself? Right now – are you the best leader? …best manager? …best contributor? … best innovator you can be? Are you the best …wife / husband / mother / son / friend? We don’t often ask ourselves this question. Usually we focus on getting on with life, be it work life…

Joan Seamster
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Gen Z refers to everyone born after 1996 and before 2001. As their purchasing power grows, the spending and buying trends are significantly changing, replicating their needs and behavioural patterns. Find out what tickles their interests and how to use marketing strategies to reach to them.

Shruti Saklecha