Alfred stevens

Explore the captivating artworks of Alfred Stevens and delve into the artistic journey of this renowned painter. Discover his unique style and be inspired by his masterpieces.
Alfred Stevens, Portrait of Miss Clermont-Tonnerre, 1865. 19th Century. France. Leonardo Da Vinci, Museums, Portrait, Houston, Art, Fine Art Prints, Fine Art, Artist, Giclee Print

This selection of 10 drawings, prints, and photographs from the MFAH collections highlights the nature of feminine beauty, a favorite subject in art during the 19th century. Catching women in candid, private moments, artists emphasized pensive contemplation as much as social status and glorified the timeless allure of beautiful women. Wistful Beauties is a focused presentation celebrating and encircling Alfred Stevens’s rare and beautifully finished 1865 portrait drawing of Mademoiselle de…

Mitzi Burton