Alkaline water recipe

Discover a variety of delicious alkaline water recipes to stay hydrated and refresh your body. Try these simple recipes and experience the benefits of alkaline water today!

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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Many people believe that alkaline water is much healthier than both tap and bottled water. Advocates of alkaline water believe that, as it has a lower pH, it provides both better hydration and nutrition than regular water. However, things are not that simple. Today, water is manufactured and bottled in different ways. Its chemical makeup can be changed or nutrients can be added to it to change its pH. So, what makes water alkaline and how do you benefit from it? #alkalinewaterbenefits

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The benefits of drinking more water (plus a handy timeline of when to drink it). Brilliant! Definitely Pinning! Fitness, Nutrition, Detox, Health Tips, Health Fitness, Health And Nutrition, Health Benefits, Health And Wellness, Health Diet

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