Altered photography

Explore unique techniques and concepts for altered photography to create stunning and one-of-a-kind images. Unleash your creativity and transform your photographs into works of art.
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Canadian photographer Amy Friend explores the relationship between what is visible and non-visible in these photographs. The series is called Dare Alla Luce, an Italian term meaning “to give birth to” which literally means " to give to the light." She takes vintage photographs and pierces them, the patterns evoking new images and hidden meanings.

Vered Yeshua
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Alternative Photography - Printing Photos on Objects: Liquid Light is probably one of the coolest inventions in photographic history. It basically allows you to print photographs onto anything and everything using standard darkroom procedures. You can print on wood, metal, glass, walls, even eggs! (Don…

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Chemigram ideas and how to make them I have seen this attempted by many, but mastered by a select few. One of these is Pierre Cordier “With the advent of photography in 1839, painting underwent a radical transformation. Nowadays, the digital process is revolutionising photography. The Chemigram, fusion of painting and photography, is most likely the […]