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Hi Doll Friends! The 18inch Doll groups on Facebook are all talking about the new My Life As items coming out now at Walmart!! So I took a little trip to Walmart hoping to find some of the newer sets! Here is what I found... I will write all about it as soon as I can but am posting this initially as a photo review because I know oftentimes photos can tell a lot of the story and I love to see the new items coming out when I can't find them in MY store... Even just photos. LOL So here was what…

Angel Magnussen
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Hi Doll Friends! I went to a different Walmart today. I live in rural area and we have two cities to choose from when we go to town and today we chose the one I seldom go to... I am so blown away (and annoyed) at how some Walnarts have huge selections like this and others have hardly anything? Lame. I only let myself buy one thing, the little shopping basket with groceries in... But I wanted one of everything! Hahaha! Maybe it's good they don't have so much at my regular store? So. Much…

Mekayla Barton
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The Llorens Baby Doll is like a real baby and is a special toy for every child. The design is completely Spanish and artisan-made. All Llorens dolls adhere to European child safety regulations, guaranteeing that your children will have fun in the safest way possible. Muñecas Llorens firmly believes in looking after the planet, which is why most of their products are made of 100% wool, including organic wool and a selection of high-quality recycled and organic textiles. Llorens dolls are…

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