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Young Love #92 (February 1972) Comic Art, Retro, Romance Comics, Dc Comics, Pulp Fiction Book, Pulp Fiction Comics, Pulp Fiction, Archie Comics Riverdale, Old Comics

At first glance, these ten covers seem to have no apparent unifying theme, other than that they are quite lovely and from a relatively short range of time -- late 1971 to Spring of 1973. Take a closer look at them and you will see that in the background, each has an African-American couple as witnes

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Katarzyna Młynarczyk
Wonder Woman from DC Comics, new Future State full comic # 2 Yara Flor as Wonder Woman, Jerry, Caipora and Hades Character Art, Batman, Dc Comics, Manga, Character Design, Marvel, Hades, Fay, Character Design Inspiration

Emerging from the Amazon rain forest, the new Wonder Woman must battle her way through hell! Witness Yara Flor at the height of her power as she takes on the king of the underworld, Hades himself! Betrayed by a close ally, Yara’s back is against the wall as she is forced to battle legions of demons for survival and to liberate her Themysciran sister. You won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion of this of rising superstar hero’s first adventure!