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Explore the intriguing world of ancient Romans and learn about their culture, achievements, and daily life. Discover how this ancient civilization continues to influence modern society today.
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From the rise of the Roman Republic to the fall of the Roman Empire, the world witnessed some of the most exceptional leaders in history. The Roman emperors, wielding immense power and influence, not only transformed the face of the ancient world but left a lasting legacy that still reverberates today. But who were the greatest Roman emperors of all time, and what made them stand out from the rest? What remarkable achievements did they accomplish during their reigns, and how did their…

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Picture of the ancient Roman Aqueduct of the Pont du Gard which crosses the River Gardon near Vers-Pon-du-Gard, France. Download as royalty free photos of buy photo wall art prints on line. Photographer Paul Williams. Ancient Architecture, Archaeology, Roman, Rome, Roman Aqueduct, Roman City, Ancient Rome, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Romans

Picture of the ancient Roman Aqueduct of the Pont du Gard which crosses the River Gardon near Vers-Pon-du-Gard, France. Part of the 50 km long aqueduct that served the Roman town of Nemausus (Nimes) its 3 tiers of arches stand 48 m high (160 ft). A UNESCO World Heritage Site. . Visit our ROMAN ART & HISTORIC SITES PHOTO COLLECTIONS for more photos to download or buy as wall art prints…

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Halloween brings out a little bit of the dark side in everyone. It lets our inner self out for a bit of play and reveals more of our personality. Your mild-mannered coworker might love zombies. Your next-door neighbor might choose this day to let their Goth side come out. From vampires to witches, horror movie buffs to avid Elvira fans, it’s a night for celebrating the chilling, the horrific, and facing the dark side – sweetened up by good fun and a lot of great candy. For Halloween 2019…

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Few subjects are as blatantly taboo as what goes on behind a closed bathroom door. Despite being a universal human need, we tend to bury the “truth of the matter” behind shame and humor. Below are ten facts and stories about bathroom use around the world, some fun and some revolting, designed to highlight not

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