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Explore the intriguing world of ancient Vikings and discover their rich history, customs, and achievements. Uncover the secrets of these legendary warriors and their impact on European culture.
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The reputation of the Scandinavian Vikings presents the men as brutal warriors that went off marauding and pillaging from the 800s to 1100s AD along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and up inland rivers, while the women and children stayed home, tending to village life. But new genetic research has shown that Vikings took their families with them on voyages to set up new colonies in far-away lands.

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Quick 'n' Dirty Lamellar Armour Sculpting Tutorial - posted in Modelling Tutorials: Made upon request over on Warhammer Empire. Ive not sculpted lamellar before, and have no showcase miniature to accompany the tutorial, so this was made up on the spot. Better results are probably achieved by taking it in steps and waiting for one stage to dry before continuing to next, but this tutorial is quick n dirty. Hopefully its of some use to someone somewhere: ...

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Futhark norse islandic and viking symbol seamless pattern. Magic hand draw symbols as scripted talismans repeatable background. ancient Iceland seamless. Ethnic norse viking pattern design on black background. Download a free preview or high-quality Adobe Illustrator (ai), EPS, PDF vectors and high-res JPEG and PNG images.

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Described as “fierce, mightily cruel, and savage, pestilent, hostile, sombre, truculent, given to outrage, pestilent and untrustworthy, fickle and lawless” by his contemporaries, Hastein was one of the most successful, and infamous, Vikings of all time (despite sacking one wrong city).

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