Animal cruelty art

Explore thought-provoking artwork that sheds light on the issue of animal cruelty. Discover how artists use their creativity to raise awareness and inspire change.
The Graphic Imperative: Killer Whale Captivity by Maia Bridges, via Behance Orca Captivity Art, Protect Nature Poster, Animal Protection Poster, Animal Cruelty Art, Save Animals Poster, Wildlife Protection, Animal Poster, Conservation Art, Awareness Poster

For THE GRAPHIC IMPERATIVE assignment we are to create advocacy posters in relation to current events and organizations present today. The GRAPHIC IMPERATIVE organization contains over 100 posters from the past 40 years. The issues present cover a wide ra…

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Argentinian-born artist Nicola Constantino pushes the controversial issue of animal rights and the relationship between birth and mortality in her sometimes graphic, always peculiar sculptures of animals. Whether a pig hanging from a conveyor belt, or birds compressed into perfectly round balls, the sculpted animals in Constantino’s works are manipulated in ways that feel forced and staged for human needs.