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Explore a range of stunning green Annie Sloan chalk paint colors to add a touch of elegance and charm to your next painting project. Get inspired and create a unique look for your furniture or home decor.
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Mixing for green can be a little difficult. Blue and Yellow can theoretically mixed to make green, but the green that is the result of blending English Yellow and Napoleonic Blue will not be a clear deep green. It will be more muted and grayed. The chart below offers a concise record of the results. I followed the same procedure as with red/blue and red/yellow. The middle column shows the results of adding pure white to the yellow/blue mix to create tints. At the bottom of the chart are…

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Chalk Paint® Colors- all in a row I hope this page will be helpful - seeing all Chalk Paint® sample boards in one spot. Click on the name of the color to launch the shopping cart

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