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Discover how to repurpose antique ladders and add a touch of vintage charm to your home decor. Get inspired by top ideas for using antique ladders in unique and creative ways.
Using an antique ladder as a faux wooden beam - It adds a visual separation of two rooms & adds a lot of character as well! Home, Home Décor, Furniture Design, Wooden Ladder Ideas, Wooden Beams, Old Ladder Decor, Faux Wooden Beams, Wooden Beam, Ladder Decor

We did something crazy. & I love it! So, I was laying in bed the other day & when you look out of our bedroom door from the bed you can see the high ceiling from the living room downstairs on the first level. I was thinking about how we had the beam on the ceiling removed when we gutted the house & how I missed the character it gave & that we should add a beam there again. Then I got to thinking how we could DIY one, then that turned into what else could we DIY for up

Liz Marie
I want an old wooden ladder to use to grow a vine on in my garden Home Décor, Old Ladder Ideas, Wooden Ladder Decor, Ladder Decor, Old Ladder, Old Wooden Ladders, Wood Ladder, Antique Ladder, Ladder Display

I was going to cheat. I love me some industrial junkin’ style I was going to use old pictures of ladders as is in my house for this weekend’s ladder linkup on SNS. And then Songbird came up with her versionS. let’s go to the beach! style Yes, that’s a capital S people! She came […]

Valerie Haws
Antique Ladder Shelving - Love Grows Wild Ladder Shelf Decor, Ladder Plant Stand, Antique Ladder, Old Ladder Ideas, Wood Ladder, Farmhouse Diy Projects, Ladder Decor, Farmhouse Decoration, Farmhouse Diy

Turn an old antique ladder into unique shelving that you can use anywhere in your house! Sponsored by Miracle-Gro // I recently heard someone say that people aren’t described as “creative” because they are super artistic… they are creative because they are problem solvers. They see a problem and come up with a way to resolve…

Jeannie P
Art, Mason Jars, Upcycling, Farmhouse Ladder Decor, Rustic Ladder, Old Wood Ladder, Old Ladder Decor, Ladder Shelf Decor, Wood Ladder Decor

I bet that your great-great-grandfather had a variety of ladders on his farm to reach the upper barn, fruit trees, and roofs. If he was crafty, there's a chance he crafted those ladders himself, or at least bought them from a local chap who made them by hand. You probably have

Jennifer Rankin

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