Apocalypse survivor

Prepare yourself for the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world with these essential survival tips. Learn how to stay alive, find resources, and build a community of fellow survivors.
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Some concept art for wasteland courier. They travel across dangerous continents, helping settlements exchange goods and information.As the number of successful deliveries increases, they get more commission from express companies, which means they can add new patches to their coats. So the number of patches on the coat directly shows the level of the courier. This time, our express team received a special commission:Send a baby whose parents are both dead to her grandmother's settlement,It…

Spencer Champney
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Real-time character I made from concept art I found online. Unfortunately, I couldn't find concept artist. But I think it is early concept for "The Book of Eli" movie. Leaving concept art here so maybe someone can help me to find artist to add link to real reference. I used substance designer to create all fabric tileable textures and used them in UE shaders as i was looking for specific damaged fabric.

Christopher Williams