Explore the intriguing world of archaeology and uncover ancient mysteries. From lost civilizations to buried treasures, discover the wonders of the past and embark on a journey of exploration and knowledge.
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Tips For Undergraduates Interested in Archaeology - Habits of a Travelling Archaeologist

One of the most frequent questions that I get from undergraduate archaeology majors is some variant of 'How did you get to where you are now?' This is a valid question as every archaeologist has a different story and career trajectory. That being said, I think what most undergraduates are really asking is 'What can

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12 Crucial Archaeology Findings of 2018 Ancient Artefacts, Ancient Pompeii, Pompeii And Herculaneum, Empire Romain, Human Body Parts, Archaeological Discoveries, Archaeological Finds, Ancient Mysteries, Greek Myths

Archaeologist Excavate The Last Unexcavated Area Of Pompeii

After many years of research, there was still one-third of the ancient city of Pompeii that had never been explored - but in 2018 that all changed. An excavated area that was already known to the public was in danger since the mud, ashes and harden bits of lava from the unexcavated area were collapsing and sliding towards it. Due to the danger of losing an already explored area, archaeologists rushed to excavate the last area called Regio V. Inside researchers uncovered a new set of frescoes…

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material remains in archaeology - infographic - kamalsjournal Marine Archaeology, History Meaning, History Major, Notebook Drawing, Dream Career, Archaeological Finds, Future Jobs, History Of Science, Science Lab

Material Remains in Archaeology - Infographic

The data that is subjected to study in archaeology is called material remains. Material means physical, and remains means remnants. The specialty here is that the material remains that are studied in archaeology must be from the past. There are 4 types of material remains, artefacts, ecofacts, features, and structures. #archaeology #archaeologist #history #materialremains #archaeologyforall #beginner #easy #sharingknowlegde #kamalsjournal #blog #chanakakamal #infographic…

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