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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of art with our guide to the best art walks in your city. Discover hidden gems and support local artists on these captivating art journeys.
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I've blogged about many of my art shows. You can read about the one from 2012 here and here; 2013 here and here and 2014 here and here! Well, it's that time o' year: ART SHOW TIME! I know for many of you art teachers out there, you've already wrapped up your annual show and I'm sure it was a success. I just finished off my 12th art show and I gotta tell ya, I'm still learning. Fortunately I have learned a thing or ten over the years and I thought I'd share them with you in this here post…

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jessieandkaty.comRugs have always been considered as a form of art, even though their role is practical and even prosaic—we walk on them, after all—and we’re all familiar with traditional murals painted on walls, whether interior or exterior. In Rochester, rugs go beyond textiles on the floor and paintings on the walks with a stunning “flooral”—a design painted on the pavement...

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