Attracted to someone

Discover the subtle signs that indicate you're attracted to someone. Learn how to recognize if you have a crush and find out what you can do to explore this attraction further.
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We betray our insides through our outsides through non-verbal communication also known as body language. Thank god for that! We communicate more with our bodies rather than verbal communication. We’re completely transmitting information, we’re constantly ‘exposing’ ourselves. And, thank god for that? These are more subconscious signs that we show. More, in particular, I’m talking […]

Holly Catherall
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Emotional attraction is an important aspect of any relationship, and if you're wondering if a guy is emotionally attracted to you, here are 11 signs to look out for. From deep conversations and shared vulnerabilities to wanting to spend more time with you, these behaviors could indicate that he's emotionally attracted to you. But what triggers emotional attraction, and what exactly is it? Don't miss out on these signs, read on to discover the answers to these questions.