Australian wildlife

Discover the diverse and unique wildlife of Australia and learn about their incredible adaptations and behaviors. Get inspired to protect these amazing creatures and plan your next wildlife adventure in Australia.
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The most complete collection of hand drawn wild animals (mammals) of Australia (native and invasive). Perfect for postcards, stickers, posters, sublimation design and much more ♡ You will get: 28 Animals images png 300 dpi 1 Australia continent png 300 dpi All in one layered PSD Please note! ☟ After purchase you get a PDF file with Dropbox link! To download you don't need registration or anything else - just click direct download ☺ Small COMMERCIAL use - up to 500 copies of finished…

Anastasiya Klempach - An_Kle

AWC protects almost 10% of the Bilby population. Discover the benefits of Bilby conservation & initiatives taking place to help save them.


Here is another Laughing Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae) this time displaying the blue wing colouring and the unusual red and black bars on the tail. They are members of the kingfisher family and therefore voracious feeders. They tend to eat insects, worms and crustaceans, but will also eat small snakes, mammals, frogs and bird hatchlings. I have observed more than once Kookaburras trying to tap through nests in walls to get at hatchlings but have yet to see one succeed. View Large And On…

Angela Ralph