Bad barbie

Explore the intriguing world of Bad Barbie and discover the edgy and rebellious side of this iconic doll. Get inspired by the top ideas to create your own unique Bad Barbie collection.
The Darkside Of Barbie by Mariel Clayton Fashion, Miniature, Barbie, Dolls, Girl, Pictures, Boda, Naughty Girl, Barbie Girl

She is an icon! She is a role model for generations of young girls! Always good-looking, politically correct. Yes that's Barbie! We have always known that she has a dark side! Mariel Clayton, who was born in South Africa and now live in Canada, is an artist who shows us this side of Barbie. His pictures are incredible and full of little details. You must look back several times to see everything. The interview was published in our HONK! Divas Issue

Laura Boling