Bakewell Tart

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Bakewell Tart {Easy Recipe with Photo Steps} Confessions of a Baking Queen

Bakewell tart is a sweet shortcrust pastry shell filled with a layer of raspberry jam and frangipane and sprinkled with sliced almonds. This traditional British bake is the perfect treat with a cuppa tea!

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Makes: 1 10-inch tart The Bakewell tart is a British classic. It’s made with a beautiful pâte sablée crust, a layer of tart raspberry jam, a perfect frangipane filling and a glorious icing with a perfect finish. The Bakewell tart was the Technical Bake for Pastry Week on The Great Canadian Baking Show, Season 4. Egg Temperature Tip: Using a fridge-cold egg for the pastry makes handling it easier, while a room-temperature egg helps the frangipane emulsify. However, you will have a level of…

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