Banned ads

Uncover the shocking world of banned ads and explore the controversial campaigns that crossed the line. Learn from these cautionary tales and ensure your advertising stays on the right side of the law.
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Both slogans and taglines are very important for a brand's positioning in the business. They only differ in their scope: a tagline represents an entire business, while a slogan usually only represents a single product or is a part of a particular advertising campaign. Dan Cullen-Shute, chief executive and co-founder of the independent advertising agency, Creature London, says, "We live in a world where brands think they need ‘purpose’." Brands want their audiences not only to perceive a…

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Literally, what else could you say? For the man whose grossly insecure? Sansabelt was a brand name for pants that had elastic in them (you didn't need a belt). But perhaps with the need for an "Extra Large Snack Sack" you might want a belt, and a pair of industrial strength suspenders. I mean, how often do you blow out the elastic on your underwear toting those bad boys around?

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When it comes to stating your opinion, there's nothing like a big sign that perfectly portrays your stands on one or another topic. Well, a hardware store owner from Tennessee Jeff Amyx thought that it was his time to declare his stands on homosexuality by simply not letting people to enter his store. This whole story began in 2015, it was the year when Jeff Amyx decided to put a sign that says 'No gays allowed' on his hardware store door.

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Advertising has been around for as long as we can remember, and it goes back hundreds of years. However, the delivery of ads have certainly changed over the course of history, with stereotypes and standards evolving and progressing.Things that were okay to express in the past have become unacceptable these days, with some of these things changing to the extent that these vintage ads would be banned, should they have been released today.

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