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Learn the essential techniques and tips for creating beautiful watercolor paintings. Explore top ideas and inspiration for your next art project.
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Fun Watercolor Techniques to Try Today Back in high school, I remember sitting in art class and being SO FRUSTRATED with the watercoloring section of the semester. I thought my watercolor drawings absolute worst. I’d look over and see other students just “getting it” and meanwhile I was over in struggle-town. Been ther

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If you're just getting into watercolors or you've been painting for a while, sometimes it's fun to just experiment with techniques that you don't normally use when painting. I usually only paint using the basic watercolor techniques (see #1-#3) , but some of these are really fun to play around with,

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Welcome to my comprehensive guide to help you understand and master watercolor techniques. To be honest, when I read what other websites are writing about this topic, half of them don't seem to understand what they're talking about! I don't mean to be fussy or seem arrogant, but some of them are incomplete. Others get

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We are back in action with our third Virtual Creative Hour! So many people had questions about watercolor so I'm going to take it really slow by starting off with just techniques and some fun ways to experiment with the medium. Fun Fact: I started off painting with mostly watercolor! My husband's cousin and I started a stationery company on Etsy one year and sold hand painted cards. We even did a "Paper Exchange" and matched up companies to send care packages to each other. It was super…

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