Beach wood

Bring the natural beauty of beach wood into your home with these stunning decor ideas. Discover how to incorporate beach wood into your interior design for a coastal-inspired look.
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The California Elm decor is a reproduction of the wood of multiple elm trees. The real material differs greatly in terms of color, depending on the wood. This wood decor is full of dark linear texture on light wood. Overall, the decor is linear and looks elegant and lively without appearing rustic. Its mostly used for furniture for modern interior design. Decor Number: 14-12095-002 #woodtexture #elmwood #woodinterior

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Clean and Preserve Driftwood: How to - Decoration, Driftwood Projects, Cleaning Wood, Driftwood Planters, How Do You Clean, Driftwood Ideas, Driftwood, Driftwood Diy, Driftwood Decor

Been to the beach lately? My favorite beach activity is collecting driftwood. I love its weathered, rustic look that makes great DIY home decor. But, first, how do you clean and preserve driftwood? Read on for tips to get rid of the salt and junk from the ocean so it will last for years.

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