Beaded horseshoe

Discover stunning and stylish beaded horseshoe designs that add a touch of uniqueness to your accessories. Explore top ideas to incorporate beaded horseshoes into your fashion statement.
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If you love horses and nature you will love this project – a beaded Horseshoe Sun-catcher. This project was made by my intern for the day, Lizzie. We recycled worn horse shoes into magical works of art. Lizzie needed to intern at a job for the day as part of her summer homework and she chose […]

Cindy Adock
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I’d been working on cleaning the house, organizing closets, doing my regular work, and was getting burned out. I needed a craft! In organizing my shed I randomly found about 10 horseshoes I’d collected over the years. Four were from my first horse, the rest were random finds. Though Major may be barefoot, I’ve nothing against this traditional horse accessory, and figured to make the most of it! I looked at a couple ideas online, but most were too gaudy for me. Then I did what I usually do…

Sandra Die
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Copper Boho wall art. This decorated horseshoe is very alluring with stunning copper wire wrapping, turquoise color glass beads with a huge spirited copper heart that hangs from a chain in the middle of horseshoe. At the top on each side of horseshoe are small copper heart charms. The look of bohemian wall art for your house decor. This horseshoe has been sand blasted and left in its original rustic patina. Decorated horseshoes make great gifts for birthday, housewarming, weddings…

Dena Mattice
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Decorated Lucky Horseshoe Art. Horseshoes are known throughout the world as a symbol of good luck and make wonderful: **Christian Gift **Horse Lover Gift **Housewarming Gift **Birthday Gift **Graduation Gift **Anniversary Gift **Steel Anniversary Gift **Wedding Gift **Wedding Decor **Good Luck Ornament **Treat Yourself Gift Our horseshoes have been worn by horses some have more wear than others. Each one is unique! Each horseshoe is sandblasted and cleaned. Then polish them to shine, or…

Jody Wiltfang