Bee identification

Learn how to identify different bee species and explore the incredible diversity of bees. Get tips on recognizing common bee characteristics and start your journey into the amazing world of bee identification.
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Bees are vital to the planet, and that has become a pretty well-known fact over recent years. It's great that we've come this far and are able to accept bees for the impact they have on our own lives, but did you know there are countless types of bees that all offer something different? We might paint the all bees with the same brush and call them bumblebees or honey bees, but there are so many other types of bees out there!

Wendy Burch
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How to tell if I have a bee problem. Follow this flow chart to identify the difference between a honeybee, mason bee, bumble bee, wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket. Bees in the D can help with honey bee swarm, or low risk honey bee colony removal. Message us with a photo of colony or bees for more assistance.