Best apartment dogs

Discover the best apartment dogs that are perfect for small spaces. Find the ideal breed to bring joy and companionship to your apartment lifestyle.
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How many of you live in an apartment? Any of those that do want to have a dog in your life? Do you have a preference of medium breed over the normal selection of small breeds that do well in an apartment? Popular Read: Top 67 Smartest Dog Breeds On Earth Well then, please feel … 30 Top Medium Dog Breeds For Apartment Friendly Lifestyle Read More »


Living in apartment doesn't mean that you're destined to go through life without a dog. The best dogs for apartments usually have a few traits

Amy Sedgman
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Adorable furry friends are both the best and worst roommates to have. While they’re there to cuddle when you need them, they’re also there to chew holes in baseboards, leave unsanitary spots on the carpet, and crunch up the blinds. Ahead, find five common ways your pets are damaging your apartment—and what you can do to make sure you get your security deposit back.Moving into a new place with a pet can be comforting to you—yet destructive to the apartment.

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