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Prepare for any emergency with the best bug out bag. Discover the essential items you need to include in your bug out bag to ensure your safety and survival in any situation.
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Is it time for BOB to go on a diet??? One very popular question I get is about Bug Out Bag weight. Unfortunately, it’s never that there is TOO MUCH space left over in the pack. I’m always ask for ideas about how to reduce pack weight and eliminate unnecessary items. Below are 6 tips I’ve come up with for cutting weight from your BOB. Hopefully, one will work for you or at least help you brainstorm a creative solution. I’ve found that when you’re really getting serious about cutting Bug Out…

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Written by The Tenth Man, A B.O.B. List What do they know that we don’t? For those unaware , it was reported in December of 2014, in both mainstream and alternative news outlets that the US Treasury Department put out for bids to purchase $200,000 in Bug Out Bags for over 3800 federal bank examiners.

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Our survival experts created the essential guide for packing your bug out bag. Learn which items to add, how to pack efficiently, tips on emergency first aid gear and much more in this all-encompassing list.

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