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After asking what you guys would like to see on today's Wellness Wednesday post many of you guys said something regarding workout sneakers. So today I am breaking down my 4 most worn workout shoes and why I love them.

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This has been a HIGHLY requested post over the past few months that I’m really excited to share with y’all today. I get DM’s pretty frequently asking what shoes I recommend for Orangetheory vs marathon training vs strength training etc. You guys probably know by now I’m a bit of a sneaker addict haha. So […]

Sabrina Adair
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Since I work out most days during the week, I get asked all the time what my favorite workout shoes are. You guys know I love my APL’s, but I know they’re a bit of a splurge. They’re totally worth it (imo) especially if you’re into fitness like I am, but I have a very similar pair that are much more