Black chickens

Explore the world of black chickens and find the perfect breed for your backyard. Learn about their striking appearance and discover why they make a great addition to any flock.
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Fancy chickens are so much fun to add to your backyard flock. A pair or two of these unusual breeds can not only make for quite the conversation starter but can be visually stunning and add some quirkiness to your flock. Most of these fancy chicken breeds will be at home in any flock or

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french black copper marans hen :: a quiet and gentle breed that is okay in slightly more confined spaces.  with a thicker shell, copper maran eggs can be difficult to hatch.

Let me refresh your memory. On June 6th I got myself 4 of these. 6 weeks later they looked like this. Now they are these. Yeah, that's a whole pack of Roosters and one lone gal at the end. Which means I now have a whole pack of roosters to...Read More

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Marans chickens are famous for laying incredibly dark brown eggs. These birds are friendly, do well both in confinement and on the range, and they get along great in mixed-breed flocks. They have much to offer for backyards and barnyards alike. But before you get your own Marans chickens, there are

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