Bless the food

Discover heartwarming and inspiring ideas for mealtime blessings. Take a moment to bless the food and create a sense of gratitude and connection at your dining table.
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You might have heard the typical saying “Pray before meals”. This is a common theme and mantra in various households. I grew up hearing this every time we wanted to eat. As a young boy, it was discomforting since I was oblivious to the reason behind this prayer. However, as I grew up and became … 8 Prayers for Blessing Food: Pray before meals! Read More »

Melanie Estell
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This Family prayer carved wooden sign will be a great addition to your kitchen or dining room. These decorative signs have the family prayer divided into three to be used as a wall collage, which gives you the ability to hang these vertically or horizontally in your home. The signs are unique in that the prayer has not been just painted, but rather carved (engraved) into the wood! As with all rustic wood sigs there is some natural distressing and imperfection. All signs are made out of pine…