Blue eyeliner looks

Elevate your makeup game with these trendy and bold blue eyeliner looks. Discover how to create stunning eye makeup looks that make a statement and turn heads.
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Nothing stays intact like the waterproof eyeliner does. Waterproof eyeliners aren’t just for the monsoons, but are a also a preferable option to wear in face-melting humid heat. Again, if you’re someone who gyms or swims a lot, a waterproof eyeliner is must-have for you too. If you don’t like the glossy shine of the […]

Tabea Anna

Whether your eyes are a beautiful brown, gorgeous green or a piercing blue, when it comes to learning how to put on eyeliner there are certain colors that do an amazing job at enhancing them and making them stand out even more. For the blue-eyed gals, there are a number of easy ways to apply eyeliner that will bring out your eye color. These looks are quick and they can work for day or night. Even the simplest application of liner along the eyelid can bring out the blue or brown of your…