Bone shaped dog pool

Keep your furry friend cool and entertained with a bone-shaped dog pool. Discover the best options to provide hours of fun and relaxation for your pup.
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Ready for some more inspiration from the 2012 Bachman's Fall Ideas House? I really appreciate all of your nice comments on the last post! Today I'll share the rest of the upstairs! This space is the Dog Room! It's a tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top area for the family dog! Look at these dog dishes made into mirrors... and this closet for the well-dressed pup! The room even had its own outdoor space with a bone-shaped pool! I'll bet my spoiled pugs, Sophie and Bailey, would fit right in... The…

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Do\ you\ know\ where\ spoiled\ dogs\ live?\ Yes,\ you\ are\ right,\ in\ dog\ houses!\ But\ their\ cost\ starts\ at\ $7,200!\ Some\ people\ love\ their\ pets\ so\ much\ they\ are\ willing\ to\ pay\ even\ hundreds\ of\ bucks\ to\ make\ their\ dogs\ happy!On\ the\ same\ topic:House for Paris Hilton’s dogs (12 pics)

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