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Explore stunning book illustration designs that bring stories to life. Get inspired to create your own masterpiece with these top ideas for captivating illustrations.
BUILDING AN ILLUSTRATION PORTFOLIO — Rebecca Green Illustration Ideas, Illustrators, Picture Books, Design, Inspiration, Poster, Portfolio, Artist Portfolio, Picture Book

T oday's post is all about building a portfolio, and it's a timely one for me. Even though I've had a working portfolio for over a decade, I'm in the middle of a career shift so I'm currently doing all the things I'm sharing with you today - planning, building, editing and soon, presenting. Whether

Hailey Elliott
KAFKA AND THE DOLL | PICTURE BOOK PROCESS — Rebecca Green Illustration Book Illustration, Children's Book Illustration, Book Illustrations, Children Illustration, Book Art, Book Drawing, Picture Book, Illustration Story, Children's Book Characters

My favorite way to celebrate a book is by sharing the illustration process. Not only do I think it’s an interesting insight, but it helps me remember all the decisions I made to get from manuscript to final. For the illustrations in Kafka and the Doll, I feel proud of the simplicity. The process of

Aida Solares