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Get started on your bookbinding journey with these essential supplies. Find everything you need to create beautiful handmade books and unleash your creativity.
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When I started my bookbinding hobby it was a famously low-rent operation. Tens of thousands of people have read about how I used a couple of paint stirring sticks and a few binder clamps (my 'sticks and clamps' method - check out the video here.) to make my first paperback book. This simple approach inspired

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This article was initially published in March 2016, and was revised in April 2018 A case binding that doesn't look like one When I worked in England at Shepherds Bookbinders I came across a case binding construction which is essentially the same thing as a traditional binding (shoulders backed at a 90 degree angle

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I find lots of fun ephemera and papers on my travels, and I love to make books with with the treasures I discover. I decided to create a compact kit with all the essentials I need for bookbinding, so I can just toss it in my bag and go! I found a plastic photo holder that was just the right size to contain all the basic supplies and tools I need for making books by hand. One unexpected item, the rubber finger tips, are available from office supply stores. They help protect your fingers when…

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