Boot cuff pattern

Enhance your winter wardrobe with these trendy boot cuff patterns. Find the perfect pattern to add a touch of style and warmth to your favorite boots.

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Jacque Smith
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Find crochet boot cuff patterns in many different textures, themes, and features to jazz up any outfit this winter and little warmth, too!

Robin Brown Varrato
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I think boot toppers/cuffs are pretty darn cute. They close the gap between the top of your boot and your pants that are tucked in (or leggings), and add an element of design. I had never made any and decided to see if my daughter wanted a pair. She did, so I whipped these out. I have no adversity whatsoever to double point needles, but I know some folks do. I wanted to write the easiest pattern I could just to tempt people to try it, so these are made on 2 regular needles. For downloading…

Debbie M