Boro stitching

Discover the art of Boro stitching and explore unique ideas to incorporate this traditional Japanese patchwork technique into your creative projects. Get inspired to create one-of-a-kind designs with Boro stitching.
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Boro is a Japanese word meaning “tatters,” originally born out of poverty. Rural women would apply layer-upon-layer of indigo-dyed hemp with running stitches, also known as Sashiko, to patch clothing […]

Doreen Linton
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I have been working on a piece of textile art that was destined to become the cover for a personal art journal project of mine. I was going for a soft, romantic look so that my journal would be calm on the outside and then (as it happens most of the time) an explosion of color inside when summer is over… I’ve got (too much) fabrics in boxes, some are bigger pieces but a lot are just scraps. I can’t help it, I love scraps so much, and I can not throw any of them away. In any case, I want to…

Diane Sullivan
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I took a Japanese Boro class last weekend from Jody Alexander, a local book, textile and installation artist. I've been an admirer of her work for many years and have recently begun taking classes with her. Jody is an excellent teacher. I like her classes because she is thorough, brings tons of books and materials to share and paces her classes so that you don't feel rushed. Just so I don't get it wrong, here is the Wikipedia definition of Boro. There has been a lot of discussion lately…

Barbara Martin
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Have you been looking at images of clothing mended so beautifully, you almost hope to rip a hole in your jeans? But what are the materials you actually need to get started? You are in the right place! I pulled together a collection of materials that I think are a must to get started with visible mending, and how and

Linda Gleysteen