Boxwood tree

Enhance the beauty of your garden with stunning boxwood tree ideas. Explore different ways to incorporate boxwood trees into your landscape and create a lush and vibrant outdoor space.
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Gardening in the south is perfect for lush flowers that can take the heat. Start your Southern gardening journey with a tour of one color-packed country space that's tops in personality. Our gardening guides will help your flowers survive the southern summer and thrive throughout the year.

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The fact that I’m writing “how to train your bushes” is really cracking me up. Call me immature. Howard Sanderson Gardening I picture myself with a baggie of treats, telling my bushes, “sit. Stay. Roll over. GROW! Okay, good. Good bush.” Then moving on to the next. The fact of the matter though, is that…

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A new planting project is underway at my Bedford, New York farm. I love boxwood, Buxus, and have hundreds of shrubs growing on my property. I use boxwood in borders and hedges, as privacy screens, as accent plants in my formal gardens, and of course in the long allee to my stable. When I can,

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