Braided rag rug tutorial

Learn how to create a beautiful braided rag rug with this easy tutorial. Transform your old fabric scraps into a stunning rug for your home. Start braiding today and add a unique touch to your decor.
How to make a traditional braided Rag Rug Shoes, Tie Shoes, Rag Rug, Mules, Women's Slippers, Loafers, Zapatos, Upcycle, Hand Weaving

Dear friends, I'm here to share a project that is keeping me sane during these strange times of quarantine and isolation! One thing that I have always wanted to learn is how to make a traditional braided rag rug. These traditional American rugs are actually found throughout the world, and in most cultures with a strong history of textile art. I've found Turkish rag rugs and Moroccan rag rugs along my travels. Anywhere there are scraps of fabric, and people (mostly women) looking to put them…