Braised leeks

Discover the savory and tender flavors of braised leeks with these delicious recipes. Add a touch of elegance to your meals and enjoy the rich taste of braised leeks.
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We try to use as much of the leek as possible, so instead of discarding the tougher green part of the leek, we fry it in butter and oil, low-and-slow style, to soften it. There is lots of lovely flavour in there. The sauce is simply white wine, chicken stock, a dash of lemon juice and seasoning. Together with the butter and oil, the ingredients emulsify together to make an unctuous sauce.

Narelle Yashira
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My friend Elizabeth tells me that even people who think they don't like leeks like this dish. The leeks are braised in wine and water or stock until soft and golden, then topped with Parmesan and run under a broiler, so you get a crunchy layer on top of soft cooked leeks. One of the tricks here is to discard the outer layers that become papery when you cook them, so that the whole leek will be soft and easy to cut through.

Katie Jeske