Brine recipe for pork

Enhance the flavor and tenderness of your pork with these mouthwatering brine recipes. Learn how to create a juicy and flavorful pork dish that will leave your taste buds wanting more.
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When it comes to making juicy pork, one of my favorite tricks is brining. Brining involves adding salt and other flavors into the meat, building flavor, and allowing the meat to collect more moisture. This in turn leaves us with a juicy, moist, and delicious product.

Rich Keller
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Apple Cider Brined Smoked Pulled Pork is a bone in pork roast that gets soaked in a sweet and salty apple cider brine overnight, covered it in the best dry rub, and smoked to perfection on the grill. The meat is so tender that it shreds effortlessly and the flavor is unreal!