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Issue #7847—Shooting on Assignment. We bring you a selection of the world’s leading creatives to discuss the best in commissioned photography. Featuring the creative duo behind KENZO’s rebrand, Klaus Pichler’s bonkers brandbook for Schock, fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan and Max Pinckers’ residency in Japan. Plus, Clément Saccomani from Noor agency on sponsored group projects, Archisle on building a new photographic legacy in Jersey, Liv Siddall on commissioning for Rough Trade’s new…

Sonia Troncoso
Julian Germain photographed classrooms in 19 countries all over the world | British Journal of Photography Films, Portraits, Art, British, Portrait, Bradford, British Schools, Film, Photographer

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s Ethiopia or Germany”, says Julian Germain, the British photographer who has spent the last 11 years photographing children in their classrooms at school’s all over the world. “Each school is instantly recognisable,” Germain says. “A teacher standing in front of rows of children in an oblong space, with a blackboard at…

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