Brutalist design

Discover the allure of brutalist design and its use of raw concrete. Explore top ideas to incorporate this unique architectural style into your home for a bold and industrial look.
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Explore the intriguing world of brutalist interior design with our inspiring collection of ideas and concepts. Uncover how the boldness of raw materials and minimalist forms can revolutionize your living spaces, from living rooms to bedrooms and kitchens. Our guide delves into the stark beauty of brutalist design, offering creative ways to incorporate this powerful style into your home. Whether you're a fan of industrial chic or monochromatic mastery, discover how brutalist interior design…

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Public School is a design studio with a gainful interest in architecture, particularly that rooted in utopian ideologies—modernist, concrete structures and their minimal visual attractions. Its exhibition and book _Daring the Shutter_ was a study of shading devices in Tel Aviv; shutters justified by the climate but designed for aesthetic rather than the height of the sun and _Concrete Deserts_ is a self-published zine documenting the Brutalist structures on Israel’s periphery. Their design…

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