Burp cloths diy

Make your own burp cloths with these DIY ideas. Learn how to create adorable and practical burp cloths for your little one, perfect for new parents.

Spring seems like the season for babies! Do you have a baby shower to go to? Want to add just one more quick item to your purchased gift to make it extra special!?!? While I totally recommend my chenille burp cloths {if you are going to purchase a gift} these cloth diaper burp cloths are a great substitute if you are wanting to include a little something you made yourself!! They are super easy, fairly inexpensive {about $10} and you can customize them however you would like. ♥ Regarding my…

Amanda Kearley
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Hello all! It was a very rainy weekend here so I had a chance to work on a fun sewing project...baby burp cloths!!! A family member and a neighbor are both expecting little bundles of joy soon. So I made these adorable VERY EASY to do burp cloths for their new little ones. When my

Russell Cope