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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of cabaret with these top movie ideas. Explore the dazzling performances and captivating storylines that will leave you wanting more.
Movie: The Mirror (1975, Andrei Tarkovsky) vs. Painting: The Hunters in the Snow (Dutch: Jagers in de Sneeuw), also known as The Return of the Hunters, is a 1565 oil-on-wood painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Films, Winter, The Truman Show, Movie Scenes, Film Stills, Famous Movie Scenes, The Mirror, The Exorcist 1973, Film

23-year-old writer and director Vugar Efendi has definitely seen a lot of movies. In fact, his observant eyes have noticed that many famous movie scenes have been copied from iconic classical paintings. So, after careful investigation, he created a three-part series called 'Film Meets Art' where he combined these side by side comparisons. While some of these recreations are undoubtedly intentional, others might be only inspired by the paintings.

Alexi Johnstone