Cabbage pancake recipe

Discover mouthwatering cabbage pancake recipes to satisfy your cravings. Try these easy and flavorful ideas to add a twist to your regular pancake routine.
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I think cabbage (in all of its varieties) is such an under-appreciated vegetable. Also.. you can make SO MUCH with just one head of cabbage. Like you really get a lot for your buck. Anyways!! Here’s an idea for something you can make with that…

Taryn Sanders
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This cabbage pancake is a popular dish throughout Japan and is easily adapted to one's preferences. While the fillings and toppings can vary, from pork and fried eggs to ginger and bonito flakes, the base features a cabbage pancake made with a savory batter—and that's what we do here to let the vegetable shine.

Sara Bennett
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Yachae Jeon 야채전, which literally translates to vegetable pancakes, are Korean vegetables pancakes that can easily be customised to your liking. For my version of Yachae jeon, I used a mix of zucchini, sweet potato, carrots, onions, and scallions but you can also use vegetables such as bell pepper, cabbage, etc.I also made my own dipping sauce to pair with this vegetable jeon or vegetable pancake.

Cabbage pancake (Baechujeon: 배추전) recipe -

I'm excited to release another easy and delicious recipe for you today. Let's make baechujeon, Korean cabbage pancake! It's easy, fast, simple and cheap and most of all you will be surprised how good it tastes! This baechujeon is made with napa cabbage (baechu) which is what we use to make...

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