Calming cat

Create a peaceful environment for your cat with calming products and techniques. Explore top ideas to help your feline friend relax and find their inner zen.
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Tatiana Barakova, an artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia, creates amazingly lifelike stuffed animals from wool. Inspired by her love for animals, she has been working with needle felting since 2006. Using 100% sheep's wool and carefully made glass eyes, Tatiana brings her creations to life.

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Each cat has its own unique character, but breeders and owners of purring beauties note similar traits depending on the breed and type of temperament. Some people pay attention to the zodiac sign, coat colour and even the name of the animal. You've probably taken psychological tests or flipped through horoscopes to learn more about yourself. What about your cat? Or maybe knowing the characters of cats will influence the choice of a kitten?

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