Camera lenses explained

Discover the different types of camera lenses and their uses. From prime lenses to zoom lenses, this guide will help you understand and choose the right lens for your photography needs.
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Even if cell phone cameras keep improving and reach unimaginable levels of image quality, I’ll always carry around a larger, heavier, and more complex camera. Why is that? One word: lenses! An interchangeable lens camera opens up a vast world of photographic visions through a huge variety of optics. Choosing among the dozens and even hundreds of lenses can be confusing and intimidating, so in this beginner’s guide, I’ll explain the types of lenses available and what you should buy.

Peter Lawson
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Ever looked at your camera lenses and wonder what everything does? Then this is the blog post for you! I’ll explain everything you can see on your lens, so what each switch does, and what that funny little window thing is meant for too 😀 Learning about the tools of your trade is important, so tak