Camp jupiter

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Camp Jupiter, a place where demigods train and embark on epic adventures. Discover the secrets, legends, and heroes that make Camp Jupiter a must-visit destination for any fan of the Percy Jackson series.
Once again...another map, this time of Rick Riordan's mirror image of Camp Halfblood for the Romans, Camp Jupiter... Camping, Percy Jackson, Pjo, Camp Half Blood, Uncle Rick, Camp Jupiter, Tunnel, Jackson, Favorite Books

Camp Jupiter is a camp designated to protect and train the children of the Roman gods and their descendants. Its entrance is a service tunnel near the main Caldecott Tunnel in the Oakland Hills, near San Francisco. The current praetors are Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang. It is the Roman counterpart to Camp Half-Blood. In ancient times, Romulus and Remus decided to found a new city. However, they could not come to an agreement where the city ought to have been erected, and Remus, scorning his…

Kimberley Fletcher