Canned tomatillo salsa verde

Learn how to make your own flavorful canned tomatillo salsa verde at home. Discover top recipes and enjoy the tangy and spicy flavors of this Mexican classic.
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Next weekend we are heading to Lubbock Christian University to see Caleb and the one thing he asked us to bring him was home made salsa. I haven't bought a jar of salsa in about six years because we prefer to make our own. Abigail got the recipe below in her Tabitha class at church. While the 3rd-6th graders were learning lessons on hospitality they learned a few great recipe they can share with others. This is one of our favorites. When possible I use fresh tomatoes, but in a pinch you can…

Shannon Lopez
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Put those green tomatoes to good use with this simple and delicious green tomato salsa verde recipe. Includes instructions for water bath canning tomato verde.

Vernon Short