Carmel popcorn recipe easy

Learn how to make the most delicious and addictive carmel popcorn at home. This easy recipe will satisfy all your cravings and is perfect for movie nights or parties.
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You'll love this caramel puff corn recipe, a tasty alternative to traditional caramel corn. Using bagged puff corn, this easy snack is baked for an awesome crunch. Works great for every day snacking, parties and game day! The hardest part will be keeping your hands off!

Dacia Kane
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This easy caramel popcorn comes together in 20 minutes and is ready to serve within the hour. Air popping the pop corn makes for light and airy popcorn, while the caramel is silky and smooth, coating the popcorn perfectly. The key to silky caramel? Baking soda! Try out how easy and yummy this recipe is for yourself, or for your friends and family.

Carolyn Geyer