Carnivorous Plants

Explore the world of carnivorous plants and uncover their unique adaptations for capturing prey. Enhance your knowledge and add a touch of wilderness to your garden with these intriguing plants.
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Bog Garden for Carnivorous Plants

Bog Garden for Carnivorous Plants: Nothing livens up a classroom windowsill like some predator / prey action. Carnivorous plants are the mightiest of houseplants, but many can only thrive in a soggy, acidic, bog environment. To keep your carnivorous plants happy year-round, ma…

Zara Ostrander
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Pitcher plant (Heliamphora pulchella)

Heliamphora pulchella, a carnivorous pitcher plant endemic to the summits of only a few remote tepuis (tabletop mountains) in southeastern Venezuela. Insects which fall inside are prevented from escaping by the downward-pointing bristles and quickly drown. Canaima National Park, Venezuela.


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